Blog #32 - Vegas Baby, Vegas!

Last we left you we were running to catch our flight from LA to Las Vegas.  Since then we have been spending our days walking “the strip”, “gaming”, watching shows, and generally taking in Las Vegas, which is a non-stop circus.  

Steph is still wondering why it has taken her 35 years to come here…


On our first day we wandered our immediate neighbourhood, which began with our lovely and kitsch hotel, the Excalibur (i.e. think of Knights of the Round Table), followed by Mandalay Bay and Luxor.  We have to tell you, for the price we paid ($50 a night) despite the lukewarm reviews, we were surprised how it won us over!  Maybe we were already in a good mood?  Or, maybe, we’re just suckers for medieval stuff?  Either way, it was cozy, cool, and corny, all at the same time.  

On our second day we would do nothing but walk up and down “the strip”. 


Starting from the south end, we walked north and saw New York New York, Paris, the Bellagio, the Flamingo, Caesars, and then further north along, past the Venetian, past Wynn and Treasure Island, we ended up all the way at Circus Circus – which is basically a bad indoor carnival.

Now, walking the strip is cool, but it can be a seriously frustrating experience.  Yes, the sidewalks are sufficiently wide, however, it is otherwise total chaos.   As you walk you are approached for show tickets, restaurants, to buy homemade CDs, or sometimes just “girls”.   It isn’t much better inside the casinos.  In there it’s timeshares, galore.

So – to get back to the point – it took us all day to walk the strip!


We did however partake in the “gaming” as we went.  Steph worked on her roulette technique, and Vince took a free craps lesson that ended up costing a lot of money.

It was so strange to see so many of the things we had already seen in full-size elsewhere in the world.  Luxor is fashioned after the pyramids and the sphinx; the Venetian after Venice and so on.  While we were in Italy, we stood near the spot where Caesar was assassinated, which made looking at a giant statue of him at the corner of Las Vegas Boulevard and Flamingo feel extra weird.


On the third day, our schedule included hanging at the pool and soaking in the rays, visiting to Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum which is the best way to see your favourite pop stars in the flesh (wax) and we capped it off with tickets to Cirque de Soleil's show Love featuring the amazing Beatles music.  Superb!

So in the end, we weren’t so lucky on the tables, but it didn’t really matter because there was only one real reason we stopped in Vegas on the way get remarried of course!!!

Over the past nine months spending 24 hours a day together, we still cannot believe how happy we are and how much more we have fallen in love with each other.  So we wanted to be newlyweds all over again and decided to tie the knot ... AGAIN!


Here's to many more adventures and chasing our dreams together.  By the time you read this we will no longer be on the run – we’ll be back home in Toronto as we can't wait to see all of our friends and family.

Thanks for helping us make this journey of epic proportions the best decision ever!  It has truly changed us and things will never be the same.  We actually have one more blog we want to write so until then....have fun and thanks for following us!