Blog #1 - Pre-flight Checklist

Our around the world trip will be starting any minute!  It's a rollercoaster ride that neither of us have been on, and the butterflies and anxiety are starting to set in as well as the questions. How long will we be away for? How much will this cost? Will there be jobs waiting for us when we return?

Neither of us have done anything like this before.  We will be homeless in one more week, and the uncertainty, lightness and excitement is palpable.  Despite all of the questions, we're so happy to be taking this adventure together.

We hope to expand our minds, open our passports, and make this the best lesson that we never learned in school.  But before any of this can happen, our pre-flight checklist still includes: moving our stuff from the condo into storage, finishing our backpacks, changing our mailing addresses and saying goodbye to all our friends. 

So check back soon!  Our official departure date is Dec 27, and we'll be bringing in the new year from Thailand!